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05 Nisan 2018 ( 40 izlenme )

Make Nails Voguish With This Yellow Flower Design

Summers are always related to bold neon colors that are exaggeratedly bright. But if you are not a fan of these bright colors, a very summery pink and yellow pastel flower nail design will make your nails look lovely with a summer touch. This design is very chic and will give your summer a really fun and bright look. It's so easy you can complete this yellow flower nail design in less than an hour. Who says that floral patterns are only limited on your walls and mantles? Don't forget to test your colors when creating these patterns, make the flowers look real by using a different shade of nail polish as your base, a color that will be a contrast of your flower. The flowers doesn't need to be always yellow, you can try any of your favorite colors! Be creative when designing your nails, your creations are like miniature paintings on your fingernails, so make that work of art, fascinating !

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